Dr Eswaran Namboothiri – Senior Consultant

Dr Eswaran Namboothiri hails from the ancient Poomulli Mana in Kerala. He is recognized for his knowledge and interpretation of Vedic Scriptures, Rituals, Customs, Astrology and Vastu Shastra. Eswaran Namboothiri provides his wisdom and knowledge to Vedicology as a senior consultant. Dr Eswaran Namboothiri has impressive academic records. MA, MPhil from the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and a PhD from Banaras Hindu University, Mr Namboothiri is a treasure trove of knowledge.

Sri Eswaran Namboothiri completed his Vedic Education at Thirunavay Brahmasvam, one of India’s most ancient Vedic Schools. Mr Namboothiri has been a research scholar on Indian Religious Philosophies and a Professor at Banaras Hindu University, from where he retired.

In his post-retirement days, Dr Namboothiri uses his expertise in Sidhanta, Ganitha, Samhita, Hora and Triskandha to benefit the human race. Dr Eswaran Namboothiri’s long association with Mr Praveen Saanker (Founder of Vedicology) resulted in a professional association since the formation of Vedicology. Mr Namboothiri contributes to the cause of Vedicology as a Senior Consultant and Mentor.

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