"Dublin Murders" is a television series based on the books "In the Woodlands" and "The Dead Are Coming Back..." by Irish author Tana French. It was filmed in Ireland, near Dublin. You can watch the multi-part film series on the website of any online movie theater.

Soap2Day Viewers' Opinion of the Dublin Murders Series

The plot of the series "Dublin Murders"

In a remote forest in the Irish countryside there is a brutal murder. Locals find the body of a young girl and call the police. Investigators immediately realize that the woman is not local, as her body was brought in. The maniac had purposely placed the dead woman on an ancient altar found by archaeologists during a recent excavation. This adds a touch of mystique and mystery to the standard investigation.You can stream Dublin Murders for free in HD on soap2day.

The locals tell the police about strange inhabitants of the woods who can steal the soul of the person they catch (the creator of "Dublin Murders" wrote in a review of the film that Tana French learned about this story from residents of a remote Irish village).

Two experienced Dublin detectives take on the intricate case:

The straightforward and tough Cassie Maddox, who at first wanted to back out of the trip.

The cunning Rob Riley.

This case has to do with the second team member's past. When criminals kidnapped 3 young children, only Adam survived. The parents decided to give the boy to an orphanage so as not to incur the wrath of their fellow villagers. At the orphanage, the child was named Rob, but the story of his parents remained a secret to him. Therefore, during the investigation, the man will face the horrors from his childhood.

However, the girl's murder is not the only one that happened in a few days. Soon Maddox will have to leave his partner and take on a new case. A woman named Lexie resembles Cassie, so the detective realizes that she is in mortal danger from an unknown killer following in her footsteps. While searching for the culprit, both characters not only solve difficult mysteries, but also struggle with their own fears.

Audience Reviews

As moviegoers note in their comments, the characters are strong, lively and textured. They each have their own problems that make them special. And the main couple accurately captures the feelings reflected in the book. They gradually break down because of the intense psychological pressure, but at the end they pull themselves together and conquer their fears. The secondary characters also appealed to the audience, such as the stern police chief and the unusual inhabitants of an Irish village.

The first story arc was admired by the audience because there are no inaccuracies or unreasonable actions. However, there are already complaints about the second story. It is shorter, less sweeping, and against the background of the strong previous story looks like an afterthought. It is worth watching just to get a better understanding of Cassie's character.

The ending was not liked by moviegoers, because many episodes from the book were transferred to the screen carelessly and incompletely, so the characters often behave illogically. And mystical inserts received different assessments, as not everyone considered them acceptable in such a detective.

Viewers conclude that "Dublin Murders" is one of the best examples of its genre. What happens does not cause questions, the characters want to empathize, and sharp plot twists surprise by their unexpectedness.

Review by critics

Dmitry Barchenkov (film critic of Kommersant Style, Forbes) wrote that the series leaves bright emotions after watching it. The plot is built logically and understandably, but the director constantly keeps the viewer in stress by the fact that the characters are hunted, and they may be killed in any scene. In each episode, the author leaves little clues so that the viewer can understand what is happening and try to guess who the antagonist is.

According to Oleg Zintsov (Vedomosti film critic), the plot and atmosphere turned out particularly well. Even the character system, built on clichés established back in the last century, does not look boring and banal. The characters are fully revealed, though not sympathetic because of the ambivalence of their behavior. Cassie and Rob are cold, secretive, but already in the course of the investigation old detective secrets begin to be revealed. They change quickly, which surprises the viewer.

Maxim Conspiracy (film critic) noted that the intrigue was the main element that made this movie popular. It constantly rises and falls, so that the moviegoer focuses his attention only on the important details. The high intensity of the narrative is saved by a fairly typical plot about a murder in the woods with a touch of mysticism.

Stanislav Zelvensky (film critic of Afisha Daily) wrote in a commentary that the series captures all the attention already in the first series, but the story develops slowly and gloomily. The beautiful landscapes of Ireland are shown only in gray tones, which adds drama and mystery. The main disadvantage of the film is the intertwining of the 2 stories, which are clearly separated in the books. This prevents a proper understanding of what is going on. Zelvensky recommends that his readers watch the picture.

Alexei Artamonov (film critic for "Seance" magazine, program director of the debut film festival in New Holland) said in a review that the actors played well enough. The actors who got the roles of Rob and Cassie fully brought out their professional skills. And Conlette Hill was able to immerse himself in the action to such an extent that he discarded the role created during the filming of "Game of Thrones". This proves that the man is able to rebuild his psychology to the right character. However, Artamonov did not like the abundance of profanity, because of which the speech of the characters cuts the ear.

Rating of the series "Dublin Murders

The foreign film received a 7.1 rating on Kinopoisk and 7.6 on IMDb. And on myshows.me, the average viewer rating is 3.8.

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