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Vedicology India

Passionate Bloggers on Ancient Indian Customs, Rites, Rituals and Spirituality

The purpose of this blog is to help you undertake a scientific, logical, and rational study of the glorious heritage of our motherland. We urge you to understand what is Sanatana dharma. Do you know why we remain one of the most ancient yet scientifically modern philosophies globally? Well, if you don’t then It’s vital that you attempt to study Indian scriptures, customs and rituals. Try to understand our scientific spirituality and classical literature of our motherland.

You will be surprised to find the most advanced science and technology in our ancient scriptures. Well, they existed in this country for the past many thousand years.

We urge you to understand the messages of Vedas. Try and understand the experiences and messages narrated in Epics. Our Puranas have great messages and stories for the benefit of mankind. The contents in this blog are meant for every kind of reader and hence kept simple.


Consultations on Vedic Astrology, Indian Rites & Rituals, Vastu Shastra , Name Numerology, Business Numerology and Gemstones. Visit us at www.vedicology.com


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